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Davis: Bloomberg Spent Half A Billion To Get Scalped By A Fake Indian

Bloomberg discussion with Tucker Sean

Federalist cofounder Sean Davis joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Friday to discuss Michael Bloomberg’s poor performance in his first Democratic debate.


Federalist co-founder Sean Davis joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday to discuss Michael Bloomberg’s poor performance in his first Democratic debate. Bloomberg was apologetic for his record after consistent attacks from fellow 2020 contenders.

Host Tucker Carlson said he thinks Bloomberg’s performance, ideas, and history are irrelevant because it’s “all about the money” in politics.

“We’re getting to see in real time whether a candidate with no charisma, no real rationale for running, no base of support, can actually buy a nomination,” Davis said. “And I gotta say, I was kind of amazed. I think [the debate] may have been the first time in television history we saw a guy pay half a million dollars to get scalped by a fake Indian.”

Davis said that in 2016, the Democratic establishment stole the nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and he believes that same establishment might be using Bloomberg to shamelessly stop Sanders again.

“If you look back at 2016, the Democrat establishment decided that they were going to make sure that Bernie Sanders wasn’t going to win the nomination, so they rigged it. And at least then they had enough shame and good sense to kind of hide it. And I think here in 2020 what we’re seeing is whether the Democrat establishment is going to use a billion dollars of someone else’s money, namely Mike Bloomberg’s, to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Davis said.

Davis concluded by pointing out that Bloomberg’s name won’t appear on the Nevada caucus ballot, yet the Democratic National Committee (DNC) allowed Bloomberg to appear on the Nevada debate stage.

“Even in Nevada, where Mike Bloomberg isn’t even on the ballot. Somehow, the DNC decided that he got to be up there on that [debate] stage,” Davis said.