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The Best Tweets Of The Las Vegas Democratic Debate

If you like yelling, this was the debate for you. Missed it? Don’t worry, we’ve got the best tweets of the night from everyone whose ears suffered for you.


The idea that Las Vegas should arise at all, a city in the middle of nowhere with nothing to draw people there but laws that wink at their vices, is one of the most bizarre events in American history. The second most bizarre was the collection of oddities who assembled there last night in the eighth Democratic presidential debate.

If you like yelling, this was the debate for you. Missed it? Don’t worry, we’ve got the best tweets of the night from everyone whose ears suffered for you.

Everyone Hates Mike

Gone are the days of Cory Booker’s “can’t we all be friends” campaign. Booker is out. So are a dozen others. Those who remain are out for blood, and their first victim tonight was former New York mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Elizabeth Warren’s interrogation of Bloomberg over his alleged sexual misconduct in the workplace set the tone early, and went on quite a while. She hammered him hard on the non-disclosure agreements that women have signed after settling lawsuits with him.

Bloomberg’s answers were less than convincing, but he was so boring they moved on to other fights. Pete Buttigieg contrasted the unlikeability of Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders with his own inability to inspire any sort of strong emotion.

Sanders took criticism for the harassment dished out by his “Berniebro” ultras. He disclaimed responsibility and even mildly criticized them, but Buttigieg asked what it is about his campaign that draws such hateful individuals to it? (In other words, he noted that the flies are attracted to manure.)

Amy Klobuchar had an idea about the way to prevent sexism on the internet.

After extending the hand of peace to Warren, she was surprised to see it slapped away as Warren compared Klobuchar’s healthcare plans to a Post-It note.

But she was smooth enough to promote her home state corporation, the inventor of the Post-It. That’s a professional, ladies and gentlemen.

Meanwhile, Biden faded into the background and Bloomberg was just glad they were talking about someone else.

Speaking From The Heart (Attack)

The moderators next turned to vigor, and whether the 78-year-old Sanders should release health records concerning his recent heart attack.

Sanders pointed out that Bloomberg, also 78, has two stents in his heart, too.

Mayor Pete was ready to challenge them all to an obstacle course.

The Taxman

From health records to tax records, the candidates dogged Bloomberg on his tardy disclosure. His response was … kind of familiar.

Warren was still mad about something.

Bloomberg looked like he was starting to regret the whole thing.

South of the Border
One of the moderators brought up Mexico, but not to discuss any facet of the immigration debate. No, she wanted to know why Klobuchar forgot the name of the President of Mexico the other day. Really.

(His name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador and she definitely remembered it this time, with her best high school Spanish accent.)

Buttigieg tried to breathe some life into this “controversy”, and got a taste of the famous Klobuchar temper.

Nevada: It’s A Desert

Next came a global warming question, with a local twist.

It’s less a question and more a profession of faith: they’re all on the same side here.

Bernie yelled that it was an existential threat. Existential!

His solution (and Warren’s) was extreme.

Since they all agreed, it got a little repetitive.

Warren congratualted herself on “believing in science,” as if that were how scientific inquiry worked.

Biden said a bunch of things al in a row.

Bloomberg spoke strongly against global warming—but said it wasn’t all China’s fault.

Eat The Rich?
They next discussed Mayor Bloomberg’s wealth, and whether he had the right to exist.

Inexplicably, few of the non-communist candidates came to Bloomberg’s aid.

Though Klobuchar gave it the old college try.

And somehow the converstaion shifted to a fight between Klobuchar and Buttigieg.

There were some unmemorable closing statements. All of them plugged their websites.

There was something to be learned here.

But there was also a larger point.