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Sean Davis: Dem Impeachment Debacle Is Like Watching A ‘Bunch Of Monkeys Trying To Hump A Doorknob’

Sean Davis joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Thursday to discuss the incoherent mess Democrats’ impeachment debacle has been from the beginning.


Federalist cofounder Sean Davis joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday to discuss Democrats’ impeachment debacle and the incoherent mess it has become. In speeches, Democrats claimed they impeached the president for America’s children.

Host Tucker Carlson said he thinks the Democrats have walked into a trap of their own making.

“It’s been such a debacle. It’s like watching a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a door knob. I have no clue what they’re doing right now,” Davis said. “They said it was an urgent threat to remove this president, we have to get rid of him. This whole thing culminated after we were hold that there’s this urgent threat and them doing exactly nothing and holding the impeachment articles over through the new year.”

Davis also said Democrats are in such a deep hole through both their rhetoric and actions, that he is not sure how they will dig themselves out. Davis also said he has sympathy for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because members of “The Squad” and other far lefties have bullied her into this impeachment process.

“I almost feel bad for Pelosi, because I don’t think she’s an idiot, I think politically she knows what she’s doing. And she basically got bullied into this by her own caucus. She was trying to avoid it for years, even though Dems wanted this from the beginning, and I think she finally lost control,” Davis said.