Pete Buttigieg Spent $870,000 For One Week Of TV Ads In Iowa. Now He’s Polling First

Pete Buttigieg Spent $870,000 For One Week Of TV Ads In Iowa. Now He’s Polling First

A new Monmouth University poll conducted in Iowa shows South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in first place, followed closely by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Buttigieg is up 14 points since the same poll was conducted in August. The largest drops come from Biden, who lost 7 points, and Kamala Harris who lost 9.

The Iowa numbers come in as follows:

  1. Pete Buttigieg – 22%
  2. Joe Biden – 19%
  3. Elizabeth Warren – 18%
  4. Bernie Sanders – 13%
  5. Amy Klobuchar – 5%
  6. Kamala Harris – 3%
  7. Tom Steyer – 3%
  8. Andrew Yang – 3%
  9. Cory Booker – 2%
  10. Tulsi Gabbard – 2%
  11. Steve Bullock – 1%
  12. Julián Castro – 1%

Buttigieg’s lead has been the headline of the day for mainstream media outlets, but the reason he has a lead is because Buttigieg flooded Iowa with paid TV advertisements. According to Medium Buying, an ad buying company, Buttigieg’s campaign spent $870,000 between November 5 to 11 on TV ads in Iowa alone.

In the third quarter of fundraising, Buttigieg raised $19.1 million. Between November 5 to 11, Buttigieg’s campaign spent approximately 5 percent of that money in just one week–high spending for just one state.

Buttigieg is desperate to show himself as a top tier candidate as the Iowa Caucus approaches. This Monmouth poll was essential to keeping Buttigieg relevant in the race for the presidency, as many have written him off as second tier. Especially because the national polls shows Buttigieg far behind the top three candidates.

In national polls, Buttigieg hangs around fourth place, about 19 points behind Biden who holds first place. Buttigieg is polling at 7.5 percent, while Biden polls at 26.8 percent, Warren at 20.8 percent, and Sanders at 17 percent.

Nationally, Buttigieg is far from the top three and not “top tier.” With intense money poured into television ads and staff in Iowa, Buttigieg may be at the top in one state, but this poll is not indicative of his campaign on the national level.

Chrissy Clark is a former staff writer at The Federalist. She has work featured in The Daily Signal and received a degree in political science from Michigan State University. Follow her on social media @chrissyclark_.
Photo Chuck Kennedy/Pete for America/Flickr/Creative Commons
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