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WaPo’s Robert Costa: Andrew Yang’s Use Of Asian ‘Stereotypes’ Could Be ‘Dangerous’

At a Washington Post Live event, Robert Costa questioned 2020 Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang about his use of Asian stereotypes and his ‘MATH’ gear.


At a Washington Post Live event, 2020 Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang was questioned about his use of Asian stereotypes. Yang calls himself the “Asian man who likes math.” He has coined the slogan “MATH” to sell merchandise and once said he knew a lot of doctors because he is Asian.

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa asked Andrew Yang what he thinks about the criticism he’s received for using Asian stereotypes to gain a following.

“I think people can tell the spirit of, when I use that type of humor, and I think Americans are very, very smart. Where, you know, if I make a joke that I’m an Asian guy that likes math they don’t think like ‘oh all Asians like math,'” Yang said.

“I think if anything, bringing these stereotypes into the light and poking fun at them, you’re actually dispelling them and making them weaker,” Yang said.

But in the age of identity politics and hate speech, the simple use of humor must be scrutinized. Leave it to the Washington Post to virtue signal at a nonwhite candidate.

“Do you believe that could be dangerous territory if you brought other stereotypes into the public discussion at all whether it’s about Asian Americans or other groups?” Costa asked.

“I wouldn’t do anything to undermine that community or any community really,” Yang responded. Yang also emphasized he is proud to be the first Asian-American to run for president as a Democrat.

Costa’s question upheld the standard we all know — that race must be only used as a way to force people to genuflect to leftist ideology. He was victorious in this scenario, as Yang fell short on an answer. After all, “it was a joke” is no longer an acceptable answer.

Yang has appeared on many conservative-leaning media outlets and criticized identity politics in the past. It is a real shame he would not do the same on a left-leaning platform as well.