Bernie Sanders Will Reveal Government Secrets On UFOs If He’s Elected

Bernie Sanders Will Reveal Government Secrets On UFOs If He’s Elected

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders promised, if he’s elected president, to reveal the government’s secrets about UFOs during an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

After an hourlong interview, Rogan slid in the question, “If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, if you found out something about UFOs, would you let us know?”

“Well, I tell you, my wife would demand that I let you know,” Sanders said.

“You don’t have any access?” Rogan said.

“No, I don’t,” Sanders replied, smiling.

If Sanders does get any information regarding aliens or unidentified flying objects, he promised Rogan he will “announce it on the show.”

The episode, aired Tuesday, already has 4.2 million views and trended on Twitter Wednesday.

During the in-depth interview, the Vermont independent senator expanded on his talking points without suffering interruption, as he did during live debates. He then shared his frustration with the format of the 2020 Democratic debates.

“You shouldn’t even call them debates,” Sanders said. “They are reality TV shows in which you have to come up with a soundbite. It’s demeaning. It’s demeaning for the candidates, and it’s demeaning for the American people. You can’t explain the complexity of health care in America in 45 seconds.”

The Democratic National Committee does not have many other options given the plethora of candidates, however. The debates proffer a fair shot for everyone, which Sanders affirms is the right thing to do.

The time constraint in the debates, however, incentivizes candidates to say and do absurd things in an effort to stand out in the crowded field of contenders.

“If you give a thoughtful answer to complicated question, it’s not so sexy to the media,” Sanders said. “As a nation, we do a bad job analyzing and discussing the serious issues in our country.”

Susanna Hoffman is a student at Patrick Henry College where she studies journalism. You can follow her on Twitter @_SusannaHoffman.
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