Cory Booker Blames His Testosterone For Wanting To Punch Trump

Cory Booker Blames His Testosterone For Wanting To Punch Trump

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker appeared on “Late Night with Seth Myers” where he blamed his testosterone for his desire to punch President Trump in the face.

“My testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching [Trump], which would be bad for this elderly, out-of-shape man,” Booker said.

On the show, Booker describes a friend that wraps his arms around him and said, “Dude, I want you to punch Donald Trump in the face.”

To which Booker responded, “Dude, that’s a felony, man.”

Instead of saying that he has a desire to punch Trump because they have obvious political differences, Booker blames his evil, male testosterone for wanting to cause physical harm to the sitting President.

By blaming his testosterone for wanting to insight violence, Booker is pandering to far-left feminists who want men to understand the evils of their toxic masculinity. He also avoids the headline “Cory Booker Threatens To Punch Donald Trump,” because it’s not his fault that he wants to punch Trump, it’s his testosterone’s.

Booker claims a fist-fight with Trump would not be good for the President because he is an “elderly out-of-shape” man and a “physically weak specimen.” He then accuses Trump of being a “body-shamer,” after he just shamed Trump for his body and elderly figure.

Booker finishes his mansplaining by saying America needs a leader to “call us to the best of who we are.”

These comments come just days after Booker said “moderate whites” are complicit with racism if they aren’t actively against it.

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The Senator from New Jersey is currently in seventh place polling at 1.8 percent. It would come as no surprise if a more progressive and more comical candidate like Andrew Yang, who is polling in eighth place, started to gain ground over Booker.

Booker’s hypocritical rhetoric and unnecessary mansplaining will likely only prove to fail him as voters are searching for a candidate to unite the country, not divide it even further.

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