In Second-Quarter Fundraising, Pete Buttigieg Outstrips Frontrunner Joe Biden

In Second-Quarter Fundraising, Pete Buttigieg Outstrips Frontrunner Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidates are eagerly releasing their second-quarter fundraising numbers to prove their viability in the crowded field.

Second-quarter numbers include fundraising dollars from April, May, and June. The Federal Elections Commission does not require candidates to disclose their fundraising numbers until July 15, yet many use the coverage of their numbers to heighten media attention.

Second-quarter numbers are the first time front-runner Joe Biden will be required to show his fundraising, as he didn’t officially enter the race until April 25.

Joe Biden: $21.5 million (polling at 27.1 percent)

Since officially joining the Democratic field at the end of April, Biden has raised $21.5 million. According to his campaign email, he is outpacing all the other candidates in daily contributions.

According to Biden’s campaign page, he has 256,000 donors and has received 436,000 contributions from them. The campaign claims the average donation to them is $49.

Bernie Sanders: $18 million (polling 15.3 percent)

During the second quarter, Sanders raised a total of $18 million. Sanders prides himself in receiving more individual donations in the second quarter than Donald Trump did.

Trump has received approximately 725,000 individual donations, while the Sanders campaign has received nearly 1 million individual donations.

Sander’s campaign email claims that his fundraising base shows significant room for growth, with 46 percent of second-quarter donors giving for the first time and 99.9 percent of donors able to donate again.

Kamala Harris: $12 million (polling at 15 percent)

Harris was able to match her quarter one fundraising dollars at $12 million. Harris gained 150,000 new donors and according to her campaign 98 percent of her donations were less than $100.

Elizabeth Warren: $19.1 million (polling at 13.7 percent)

Coming in third place for fundraising and fourth in the aggregate polling, Elizabeth Warren was able to garner $19.1 million in donations. While Warren is polling slightly under Harris for that third-place position, this number indicates Warren’s ability to activate the grassroots Democrats.

Pete Buttigieg: $24.8 million (polling at 5 percent)

Pete Buttigieg was the first to announce his second-quarter numbers with a whopping $24.8 million and 284,000 donors. Buttigieg’s campaign reports says their average donation is approximately $47.42, just shy of Biden’s $49.

Buttigieg raised more than triple what he brought in during the first months of his campaign. He raised $7 million in his first quarter, with 158,550 donors and an average donation of $36.35 during that timeframe.

Chrissy Clark is a former staff writer at The Federalist. She has work featured in The Daily Signal and received a degree in political science from Michigan State University. Follow her on social media @chrissyclark_.
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