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During ‘Late Show,’ Chris Christie Calls Chuck Todd A ‘Pretentious’ ‘*ss’

While most late-night shows wanted to cleanse viewers’ palette from politics, ‘The Late Show’ hosted Christie and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


During a rare-edition of “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, former Gov. Chris Christie called MSNBC’s Chuck Todd a “pretentious” “-ss.”

While most late-night shows wanted to cleanse viewers’ palette from politics, “The Late Show” hosted Christie and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They must think balance is found between a blue-state Republican and an outright socialist.

Christie told Colbert these initial primary debates are to weed out candidates.

“Say goodbye to Marianne Williamson. Say goodbye to Andrew Yang. Say goodbye to Eric Swalwell,” Christie said. “Please, G-d, can we say goodbye to Chuck Todd.”

“[He is] the most pretentious, know-it-all on network news. The guy is a complete -ss,” Christie said.

Watch the full clip here:

Beyond his quick sound-bites, I thought Christie offered some great analysis on round two of the Democratic debates.

Harris proved she deserves to be on the stage, Christie said. He said her attack on Joe Biden over his history on race-related policies seemed planned. Christie also mentioned he was surprised Biden was not more prepared for an attack like this.

Christie also said that Biden’s outburst with Harris was the only time he ever looked like himself. The rest of the time it was like he was trying to remember what people told him to say.

Although the next round of debates aren’t until the end of July, Christie offered a piece of advice to Harris.

“In the next debate, they’re gonna come after Harris. Right? So now, you’ve put yourself in a position where everyone’s gonna be saying tonight, tomorrow, ‘Kamala Harris killed it, she was great,’ like you did in the monologue. Like I’m doing now. And everyone’s gonna go ‘Oh yeah? Now how I make a name for myself, I go get your b-tt, that’s what I’m gonna do.’ So she’s gotta be ready for the next time to play a little defense.”