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The Mainstream Media Are Not Handling The Zero Collusion Conclusion Well

Watch cable news pundits lose their cool after William Barr confirms there was no Russian collusion.


Cable news pundits were not satisfied with the answers given by Attorney General William Barr at his press conference on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian collusion Thursday morning. As Barr once again confirmed that there was no collusion by the Trump campaign, members of the mainstream media desperately clung to their long-held conspiracy theories.

Here are some of the most hilarious meltdowns that happened on social media and live television.

Over on MSNBC, Neal Katyal said Barr, “sounded like a spokesperson [for Trump], not an attorney general.”

The Cut was disturbed by Rod Rosenstein’s lack of body movement.

Ken Dilanian agreed.

CNN even brought out their super panel!

One after another, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace shared a treasure trove of excuses, including that Mueller did not get to investigate “Trump’s state of mind,” and that Barr is acting as Trump’s “defense attorney.”

Eventually, Wallace stopped even trying to make coherent excuses and started attacking Trump in a way that played exactly into the “This is not normal” trope.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin doubled down on the “Trump isn’t acting like an innocent man” theory.

Obama Bro Tommy Vietor thinks he’s witty.

Another Pod Bro presented his truther explanation despite all contradicting evidence.

Maybe Trump didn’t commit a crime but he must have still cheated to win the 2016 election in which millions of Americans voted for him, another Obama Bro asserts.

More attacks on Barr because he didn’t give the news the media wanted:

Good job, everyone! Way to keep a level head.