Watch Blue Checkmarks Shower Twitter Love On Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

Watch Blue Checkmarks Shower Twitter Love On Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

For his remarks at rapper Nipsey Hussle’s funeral on Thursday, Louis Farrakhan, the virulent anti-Semite atop the Nation of Islam, earned a warm reception from a number of verified Twitter users.

Renewed controversy swirled around Farrakhan earlier this year, as leaders of the Women’s March were finally pressed to explain their prior associations with him. Although she tried to distance herself from Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism, co-founder Tamika Mallory refused to condemn the Nation of Islam leader in January, even when confronted with a specific list of his repugnant statements by Meghan McCain on “The View.”

All the love blue checkmarks showed for Farrakhan on Thursday is a reminder that he’s not a random and powerless fringe actor, but someone who continues to enjoy support from plenty of prominent defenders, despite a long and indisputable record of naked bigotry. (For just a taste of his open racism and anti-Semitism, browse this list.)

I’ve also included several viral tweets from non-verified users, given how many people showed agreement with their sentiment. A handful of journalists and media outlets, including the New York Times, posted quotes from Farrakhan’s speech without even briefly alluding to his history. They’re included below as well. (And if you need some encouragement, here are some good tweets, although they certainly appeared to be outnumbered.)

I checked the feeds and linked stories of every reporter and outlet included below to see if they added any notes to their tweets about his racism. As of publishing time, none of them did.


Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist. You can follow her on Twitter @emilyjashinsky .
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