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All Republicans On House Intelligence Issue Letter Calling For Adam Schiff To Resign

Adam Schiff promised the existence of “damning evidence,” and a scandal “beyond Watergate.” Now, Republicans are calling for him to step down.


Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee called for the Democratic Congressman and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to resign on Thursday, after he touted “evidence of collusion” for two years, and has continued to double down on the now debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

“The findings of the special counsel conclusively refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information, having damaged the integrity of this Committee, and undermined faith in U.S. government institutions,” the Republicans wrote.

For two years, Schiff has been one of the more prominent advocates of the collusion narrative on cable news and late-night talk shows. He’s promised the existence of “damning evidence,” and a scandal “beyond Watergate.”

But after Attorney General William Barr’s letter on Sunday, clarifying that the special counsel’s investigation found no coordination or collusion involving Trump, Schiff has not apologized or backed down from spreading his truther narrative. On Monday, Schiff repeated his claims on CNN, stating that he still believes, “evidence is in plain sight.”

Republicans calling for him to step down said Schiff’s, “Willingness to continue to promote a demonstrably false narrative is alarming.”

They also expressed concern over the suspicious timing of Schiff’s public statements on classified evidence, and seemingly coordinated anonymous leaks to the media on the existence of evidence alleged to support the collusion narrative.

On Thursday morning, President Trump tweeted that Schiff should be forced to resign.

Other high-ranking Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise, plus Kellyanne Conway, White House senior counselor,  have called for Schiff’s resignation.

“He ought to resign today. He’s been on every TV show fifty times a day for the last two years promising Americans that this president would be impeached or indicted,” Conway said on Fox News. “He has no right as somebody who has been peddling a lie day after day unchallenged and not under oath.”