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Twitter Just Banned A Conservative Combat Veteran And Federalist Contributor For No Reason

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly was permanently suspended from Twitter, with no explanation of how he violated the platform’s rules.


Federalist Contributor Jesse Kelly was permanently suspended from Twitter on Sunday for “repeat violations of the Twitter rules,” according to a message from Twitter Support. Kelly is a combat Veteran Marine, conservative radio host, and former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress.

Twitter did not explain what rules Kelly violated, or if there was a specific tweet in question.

Kelly’s account was initially suspended from Twitter on Sunday with no notice or explanation from Twitter.

Kelly has written about Twitter’s banning of Alex Jones and warned that the speech police will be coming after conservatives next. “They do not want to compete in a marketplace of ideas. Their goal is to silence dissenting voices,” he wrote.

Kelly is a frequent guest on Fox News, and ironically, his last appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show was to discuss online censorship.

Last week, Kelly reached out on Twitter to a fellow Veteran who had tweeted his intentions to commit suicide. Kelly later tweeted he heard the man was “home safe and sound asleep.”