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What Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Gets So Wrong About Planned Parenthood And Teen Sex


The makers of Netflix’s “Big Mouth” dedicated a whole episode of the tween-charactered cartoon to promoting Planned Parenthood. “It is framed as a sex ed class, where characters discuss different aspects of Planned Parenthood in absurd cut-away skits,” explains Michael Hein.

I’m a former sex educator trained by Planned Parenthood, so I know the show’s portrayal of them as a clinic that helps adolescents and families is way off the mark. I spent more than 10 years being mentored by and working in collaboration with Planned Parenthood, so I know their practices and beliefs inside and out. They normalize high-risk behaviors that lead to disease, depression, and ending the lives of preborn children.

Planned Parenthood is rooted in the belief that teens should have the freedom to indulge in every sexual activity available with whomever they choose, even statutory rape. “Big Mouth” proves this point by suggesting in this episode that a 45-year-old male character was sexually involved with a 13-year-old female character.

I suppose some people laugh at this, but the following real-life story is not so funny. In 2009 I led a training for several Planned Parenthood clinics in the Corpus Christi, Texas area on how to identify victims of human trafficking and statutory rape. I described the red flags Planned Parenthood staff should be looking out for, such as a minor girl being brought in by an adult male who was obviously not her father.

As I discussed how to counsel the young client and get her to safety, the nurses in the audience kept dismissing the suggestions and giggling. Confused by their reaction, I asked why they were not taking this seriously. A nurse raised her hand and said, “Honey, if she’s not having sex with this man this month, she will be with another man next month.” All the nurses laughed in agreement as they explained that teen girls have insatiable sexual appetites and it was all they could do to get them tested and treated for STDs and abort their babies.

This was not an isolated example of how Planned Parenthood sees American teens. Planned Parenthood encourages promiscuity among girls, believing that it enables them to learn how to achieve sexual pleasure. They even went as far to say that perhaps older men would teach them more about sexual pleasure than boys their own ages, who tend to be selfish and inexperienced. Human traffickers and pedophiles have a safe haven at Planned Parenthood, and it seems that “Big Mouth” supports this as well.

Planned Parenthood ignores research that demonstrates the negative effects of sex on teen health. A report released by the Heritage Foundation in 2003 shows that teens who have sex at a young age are more likely to exhibit depression and suicidal ideation. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, Power To Decide, reported that many adolescents regret having sex and wish they had waited until they were older.

What happens when they get pregnant? They go to Planned Parenthood, of course. Yet the Planned Parenthood “Big Mouth” episode made sure to emphasize that abortion was not the abortion organization’s primary service. Why not ask a former Planned Parenthood director if this is true?

Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None, was awarded for not only meeting her Planned Parenthood facility’s abortion quota, but exceeding it. Quotas are for sales jobs, right? More sales leads to more profit. To increase sales, you need to convince people they need your product or service.

So Planned Parenthood promotes and encourages women to have abortions. That’s what “Shout your abortion” is all about, right? Abortion is Planned Parenthood’s primary and most profitable service.

Planned Parenthood and the liberal elite normalize adolescent sexual promiscuity, adult sex with minors, and ending the life of preborn children. That’s what this show was all about. The way to normalize these beliefs in our culture is by weaving it into consumable entertainment like “Big Mouth.”

Parents, get educated and become equipped and be your child’s protection, because Planned Parenthood has aggressively stepped in to do it, and as they told me when I worked with them, “Parents are a barrier to service.”

“Big Mouth” is neither a creative nor cutting-edge show. It’s just crass and dehumanizes our children and their bodies. It’s no surprise this show jumped on the Planned Parenthood train: they both love profits, no matter the cost to women and their children.