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‘We’re Coming For You’: Illiberal Left Goes Bananas Over Kavanaugh


As Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in to the Supreme Court Sunday, protesters outside overwhelmed police and stormed toward the judicial chamber’s doors, beating and clawing at them while screaming and chanting. They beat drums outside and shouted, among other things, “Our court! Our court!”

On Saturday 150 people were arrested as they stormed the capitol steps while the vote to confirm Kavanaugh was taking place.

Republican senators met privately last week to discuss the Kavanaugh nomination and what they say is an unprecedented level of aggression, violence, and threats — even higher than the aftermath of President Trump’s election. Remember, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot by an anti-Republican shooter a few months after Trump’s election, upon which more than half the members of Congress requested additional security.

Yet the past two weeks have been “the worst it’s been since I’ve been here,” said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who has been in office for 11 years. “I think we need to recognize that it’s not going to go away with the final determination of whether [Kavanaugh] is going to be on the Supreme Court. There’s something underlying there that we’re experiencing throughout the country right now that we’ve got to figure out a way to address.”

Sen Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said of the Kavanaugh protests, “The level of intensity is probably unlike anything I’ve seen in three and a half years.”

A week ahead of the Kavanaugh vote Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, were chased out of a restaurant by anti-Kavanaugh protesters who describe themselves as socialists, LGBT activists, and anarchists: “You are not safe,”  wrote an activist group in taking responsibility for the harassment. “We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.”

It’s not only Republican politicians. The restaurant where the Cruzes dined — and were later given a private dinner to make up for the altercation — hired security guards and told customers in an email this week that its owners have received death threats and that staff have been “inundated” with hateful phone calls and threats. All for being the place a Republican chose to eat dinner.

During debate on Kavanaugh’s nomination, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said a caller threatened to “take out” Flake and his family if Flake didn’t do what the caller wanted on the nomination. Senators’ in-state offices have been also mobbed. The Washington Post did a poignant portrayal of the four staff members for Sen. Susan Collins at her home office in Maine dealing with a barrage of protesters and threats ever since Trump’s election.

“In December, [Collins’ local office manager Kate] Simson had to call police to arrest nine religious leaders who set up a portable toilet in her waiting room and tried to stage an overnight sit-in at her office to oppose Trump’s tax bill… Out-of-state progressive groups, such as UltraViolet and MoveOn, began organizing demonstrations, Simson said. Protesters no longer just wanted to share their stories. ‘Increasingly, they are focused on filming me as they hand me something,’ Simson said.”

Protesters have mailed more than 1,000 coat hangers to Simson’s office, many spray-painted red, in a gesture intended to convey that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will cause coat-hanger abortions. During a “die-in” demonstration at Collins’ Lewiston office, one woman put red paint on her pants to simulate an abortion. (Why people want to preserve something that they know devastatingly bloodies women is beyond me.) Last week, Collins’ office got cardboard penises in the mail with the message “F-ck You and the donor class you rode in on.”

“It has become harder and harder for Simson not to take the stress home with her,” the Post article says.

She was deboning a roasted chicken a few weeks ago after work and started sobbing. ‘I was just mentally and physically exhausted by the barrage,’ she said. ‘I get that people feel the need to tell me how they feel face to face. When you are looking a person in the eye, you feel more heard. But it becomes a lot. That night, it just pushed me over the edge.’

Another frustration: The almost ceaseless demonstrations are making it hard for constituents who need help with Veterans Affairs benefits or emergency medical visas to get through to Simson and her team. For years, this had been their bread and butter.

Five senators, most of them Republicans whom serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversaw Kavanaugh’s nomination, were allegedly doxed this week by a young man working for Democrat Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. Local police report that Jackson Cosko edited these senators’ Wikipedia pages to include their home addresses and cell phone numbers, and threatened to release their children’s health information and Social Security numbers. Cosko faces up to 50 years in prison.

Cosko’s lawyer said he was not on Lee’s payroll but a “fellow” whose position in the Senate, which has included stints at the offices of Democrats Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Maggie Hassan, and former senator Barbara Boxer, was funded by an unnamed “outside institution.” He’s not the only one.

As the anti-Kavanaugh protests roiled this week, the Washington Free Beacon and Daily Caller found organizations funded by Democratic big-money backer George Soros paying protesters’ legal fees and provide a lawyer on retainer “as part of an organized effort to derail the confirmation process,” write Peter Hasson and Joe Simonson at The Daily Caller. The leftist organizations offered to pay protesters’ “cash-and-forfeit” fees to bounce back into the protests directly after an arrest, the pair reported.

The Center for Popular Democracy, a Soros-funded reboot of ACORN, took credit for a group of protesters cornering Flake in an elevator before the Kavanaugh vote to pressure him into voting no. “CNN reported that Flake was visibly shaken after his encounter with us,” CPD co-executive director Ana Maria Archila wrote in triumph. The Washington Free Beacon has documented CPD’s anti-Trump protester astroturfing with “sister organizations” that U.S. taxpayers have also funded to the tune of $25 million since 2002.

The people driving these agitprop efforts say they’re just getting started. Democrats including Sen. Cory Booker and Reps. Luis Gutierrez and Ted Lieu say impeaching Kavanaugh is possible if Democrats take the House or Senate in November. Seventeen members of the House Judiciary Committee say they want to re-litigate Kavanaugh’s confirmation by investigating him until kingdom come. And “40 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which speaks for the left flank of House Democrats, sent a letter to Trump last week suggesting Kavanaugh’s impeachment could be the outcome of further investigation,” says NBC.

So, to recap: These are people who accost other humans in restaurants and hallways, attack restaurants for the political ideas of the customers who eat in them, claw at the doors of the Supreme Court when they don’t get their way, threaten to release medical information about senators’ children in retaliation for facing the consequences of losing a free and fair election, face polls turning upside down on them by doubling down on these kinds of tactics — oh, yes, and send shock squads to assassinate the character and terrorize the family of anyone who thinks differently as racists, murderers, and rapists. All this while insisting through clenched teeth that they are the party of tolerance, love, and empathy.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, take it away.