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Jeffrey Toobin: Mothers Worried About Their Teenage Sons Is ‘Nonsense’

Jeffrey Toobin flipped out when Dana Bash made an insightful point about the political ramifications of uncorroborated allegations.


On CNN Newsroom’s mega panel Thursday morning, chief political correspondent Dana Bash pointed out that the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh as a teenager could backfire on Democrats, because parents are now worried about their own teenagers. Jeffrey Toobin loudly rejected her point as, “a bunch of nonsense.”

“The poor dear boys,” Toobin said sarcastically. “If they sexually assault someone, they might not be on the Supreme Court. Too bad! Good! They shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.”


Toobin wholly ignored Bash’s insight about GOP polling of suburban women and the political ramifications of these allegations.

“Nobody is saying that any kind of sexual assault, that any parent would or should condone that … but that is a very important dynamic that is playing into the politics of this,” Bash said.

“This idea … that women are so out of control and all these people and all these men are losing their jobs and all the kids are getting thrown out of school–it’s a bunch of nonsense,” Toobin said.