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Watch Sunny Hostin Confront New Planned Parenthood President For Her Lies On ‘The View’

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In a segment on ABC’s ‘The View,’ Sunny Hostin confronts Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leanna Wen, about heading the nation’s largest abortion provider. 


In a segment on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday, Sunny Hostin confronts Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leanna Wen, about being the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“Planned Parenthood provides more abortions — the most abortions — than any other health care provider in the United States,” she said. “And in fact, in I think 2016 Planned Parenthood provided 328,348 abortions. And in terms of emergency contraception kits, 730,329. That’s more than well women exams, Pap tests, HPV vaccinations. Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform mammograms.”

“But Planned Parenthood I don’t think is transparent about that,” she continued. “Planned Parenthood says it’s only 3 percent of their services. The Washington Post has found that to not be accurate, has found it to be more like 12 percent, has given Planned Parenthood three Pinocchios for that. Why isn’t Planned Parenthood more transparent about its true position?”

“Well, I disagree with this,” Wen replied. “Planned Parenthood, just like every major medical organization that I’ve ever worked for, follows the law, and is transparent and makes clear what are the procedures that we performed and what are the services that we perform. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of reproductive health care in this country. That includes abortions, but more than 90 percent of the services performed are preventative care services.”

“So why don’t be transparent about that?” Hostin pushed back. “It seems to me that Planned Parenthood is trying to have it both ways.”

“There is — there are no federal taxpayer dollars that go towards abortions,” Wen said. “Planned Parenthood doesn’t get a check from the federal government. It’s not as if they get a check written every year about funding. Planned Parenthood, just like every hospital, gets reimbursed for medical services like breast cancer screenings, like cervical cancer screenings and like birth control.”

“Whether or not the money is direct or indirect, that’s being done,” Abby Huntsman said. “And a lot of people have a really hard time with that. And I know part of your role, you want to make it less political and you want to make it something for every woman, but that’s a real challenge that you guys have on your plate. Do you understand why people have a hard time with it?”

“Health care shouldn’t be political,” Wen said. “Needing medications for your children isn’t political — getting breast and cancer screenings.”

At that, the studio audience broke into applause.

Catherine Glenn Foster, president and CEO of the pro-life group, Americans United For Life, said in a statement that Wen’s “abysmal and tragic record of fighting STDs as Health Commissioner of Baltimore” ought to be talked about.

“Maryland now has one of the highest diagnosis rates in the country for syphilis and HIV/AIDS,” Foster said in a statement. “Without irony, Wen further hails the ‘life saving work’ of the nation’s largest abortion network even though Baltimore’s African-American community has been decimated by abortion.”

As The Federalist and numerous other media outlets have reported, Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion only accounts for 3 percent of the services it provides is a lie.

Here’s more from John Henry Westen. 

Approximately 86 percent of Planned Parenthood’s non-government revenue that it defines as ‘health services’ (page 23) comes from abortions. This statistic is garnered by taking Planned Parenthood’s reported $305.3 million in revenues and comparing that to amount of revenue garnered when multiplying the $800 abortion pill (which is far less expensive than the $1,500 surgical abortions done at many Planned Parenthood clinics) by the 327,653 abortions done.

This totals $262.12 million, or 85.86 percent of the total non-government health services revenues Planned Parenthood formally claimed in its last annual report.