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Washington Post Columnist Tries To Burn Trump, Steps On A Rake Instead


Rogin and others eager to ding Trump incorrectly criticized him for something he said about NATO.


Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin tried really hard to burn President Trump on Monday morning, but failed so hard.

“Trump told the Finnish President Just now he enjoyed spending time with him at the NATO summit,” Rogin tweeted tagging his CNN colleagues Jake Tapper and Christiane Amanpour. “Finland is not part of NATO. #awkward.”

But Rogin quickly backpedaled his earlier statement in subsequent tweets — confirming that the Finnish President had indeed attended the NATO summit last week in an official capacity. Though Finland is not a member of NATO, it is a member of the organization’s Partnership for Peace.


Rogin wasn’t the only member of the media to push this “Finland isn’t in NATO! Nah nah nah nah nah!” narrative.

Julie Davis, White House reporter for The New York Times fact checked POTUS on who the members of NATO are too.

Rebekah Entralgo of Think Progress wrote a piece headlined, “Trump thanks Finland for support on NATO, but Finland is not in NATO.”

“Alternative facts,” the subhead snarks.

“According to reporters, Trump thanked the Finnish president for his support and said the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) has never been stronger,” Entralgo writes. “Finland, however, is not in NATO.”

“That President Trump doesn’t fully understand which countries are in a military alliance with the United States should come as no surprise, considering how Trump handled the NATO summit last week,” she continues.

Who wants to tell her?