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Podcast: One Year After The Baseball Shooting, Steve Scalise, And Race For Speaker

Mary Katharine Ham and Elaina Plott follow the story of Rep. Steve Scalise over the last year, from his nearly fatal injury in Alexandria, to the rumors of a potential Paul Ryan successor.



Elania Plott, staff writer at The Atlantic, reports on Majority Whip Steve Scalise after attending his first baseball practice since the shooting exactly one year ago.

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Mary Katharine Ham and Plott discuss Scalise’s miraculous recovery and the tension surrounding the race for the next Speaker of the House.

“People started seeing the Steve Scalise that’s always been there,” Plott said. “The thing about House Republicans is for the most part they don’t have high profiles…suddenly he’s this national icon of resilience in such a fractured American political moment.”

Listen here: