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13 Emoji We Need Immediately Or We’ll Beset Google With Twitter Mobs


Until these are added to the emoji keyboard, Google needs to stop pretending they care about diversity and face the facts.


Google announced it’s working overtime to provide new emojis as part of a company-wide effort to be more diverse.

Jennifer Daniel, a UX manager for Google emoji, announced via tweet on Wednesday that they were getting rid of the egg in the salad emoji to make it more inclusive for vegans and those of us who think hard-boiled eggs are just plain disgusting.

FINALLY. Silicon Valley is making the effort to recognize that vegans exist and I am HERE 👏FOR 👏IT 👏. But I couldn’t help but notice all of the other groups of people whose lifestyles aren’t being affirmed by Google’s emojis.

Here are 13 emoji we need immediately in order to promote diversity and inclusion. They will certainly be followed by thousands of emoji orders from people who desperately need affirmation from tiny screen pictures.

1. A Chest Feeding Man Emoji

Google added a breastfeeding woman, (🤱🏻) but has yet to add a chestfeeding man. This is seriously transphobic. I mean, does Google even science?!?!

2. Bisexual, Trans, And Queer Pride Flags

The fact that there is only ONE pride flag emoji (🏳️‍🌈) has left me shook.

3. An Equal Pay Emoji

C’mon guys. I mean people.

4. A Sex Worker Emoji

Google is basically Rudy Giuliani.

5. An EpiPen Emoji

Does Google even know there are people out there with allergies?

6. Seedless Watermelon Emoji

As it stands, the emoji keyboard only depicts slices of watermelon with seeds in it (🍉). SMH.

7. A Safe Space Emoji

Wowwwww the fact that I even have to say this is hurtful.

8. A Bolo Tie Emoji

Why isn’t southern culture represented in the wardrobe section of the keyboard?

9. An Anti-Bolo Tie Emoji

Because southern culture is racist.

10. Emoji for Every Single Disability

Lacking these proves Google is ableist and therefore extremely callous and hurtful.

11. A Gluten-Free Emoji

Don’t tell me you can’t depict the absence of gluten inside a picture three pixels high. That’s just excuse-making.

12. An Emoji For People Who Can’t Even

Come to think of it, this may be the most inclusive of all. Get on it now!

13. People Who Use Alternative Transportation

There are emoji for cars, trains, bikes, and planes. But none for the people who ride their horses to work. This  doesn’t count. Nobody who rides his horse to work wears jockey pants. Even jockeys don’t wear jockey pants.

Until these — and more — are added to the emoji keyboard, Google needs to stop pretending they care about diversity and face the facts: they’re sexist, racist, ableist, anti-trans, ignorant haters, and worse.