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Kanye West’s Return To Twitter Is Triggering The Left


This week, Kanye West tweeted that he loved Elon Musk, affirmed gender fluidity, and criticized capitalism and religion, but libs are outraged the ‘Yeezy’ rapper is questioning some aspects of leftism.


After a long hiatus, Kanye West has returned to Twitter, and his political opinions have left a lot of people shook.

In a conversation with radio host Ebro Darden, Kanye reportedly said he’s sick of people in Calabasas living in a liberal bubble. He also reportedly told the host that he “loves Donald Trump,” and that he was sick of being demonized by liberals for thinking Wrong Thoughts.

The man who once accused George W. Bush of not caring about black people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and said he was mulling over a potential presidential bid in 2015, once said he would have voted for Donald Trump if he had voted in the 2016 election.

Over the weekend, he tweeted that he loves the way right-leaning YouTuber Candace Owens thinks and challenged his fans to question liberal political orthodoxy.

On Monday, he tweeted out clips of Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’s videos, in which the cartoonist said that many people are beginning to break free of “prisons of the mind.”

Adams challenged the notion that history repeats itself, citing a political outsider’s rise to the Oval Office as evidence to prove that history is not cyclical.

The cartoonist also said the rapper “ripped a hole in reality” by expressing support for Owens.

“He just freed a lot of people from a mental prison,” Adams said.

The Washington Post has branded him a “hero of the pro-Trump Internet,” but some of Kanye’s more recent tweets show that he still holds many of the tenets of the Left. He affirmed gender-fluid ideology, critiqued capitalism, and said fearing God is antiquated.

He even tweeted about how much he loves his Tesla.

But apparently expressing skepticism of only some of the tenets of leftism — even while affirming others — has triggered many woke Internet types and spurred others to mock him for thinking differently.

So it’s apparently not enough for West to say that he holds aspects of liberal ideology to be true. He must embrace all aspects of progressivism or risk being shunned by the Twitter elites — which proves his point about people being locked into a mental prison by an unforgiving and politically insulated society.

Let Kanye live. The rapper isn’t a hero of the Right, nor has he discarded liberal politics. He’s expressing skepticism, which is apparently intolerable to people who demand wholesale acceptance of their own ideas.