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Podcast: A Tale Of Two Russian Conspiracies, A Dossier, And A Memo

Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis discuss the last 18 months of collusion stories, Russian interference, leaks, and FBI investigations.


Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway and Co-Founder Sean Davis have a conversation on The Federalist Radio Hour, breaking down the tales of two Russian collusion conspiracy theories. Hemingway and Davis discuss the details of each theory, from the left and the right, including the infamous dossier, the leaks, the media coverage, and the now much anticipated arrival of the House Intelligence Committee memo.

“I acknowledge that they may have illegally colluded. I just want to see the evidence. If they have the evidence, just put it out there and let us see it,” Davis said. “Watching how the media has covered this story and how it has developed has been really fascinating because it’s almost like there are two completely different standards of proof that have been demanded.”

Listen to their full conversation here: