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Jeb Bush On Running For President, Immigration, And Education

On The Federalist Radio Hour: Jeb Bush discusses the 2016 race, his relationship with Sen. Marco Rubio, and how to improve the American education system.


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sits down with host Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to reflect on his presidential run in 2016 and to discuss the challenges of belonging to a political family.

“I was who I was, just as I am who I am. I had a proven conservative record… I was not a creature of Washington,” Bush said. “In the period of real angst and anger, in a certain sense I was a fish out of water. They didn’t want solutions. They wanted people to understand how angry they were.”

Later in the hour they discuss his relationship with Senator Rubio, Trump, and immigration.

Listen to the full episode here: