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Claws Out: Chelsea Handler Attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Appearance Again

sarah huckabee

Comedian Chelsea Handler is doubling down on her attacks on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s physical appearance.


Chelsea Handler, who says she’s a feminist, is doubling down on her attacks on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s physical appearance.

She tweeted a video of comedienne Fortune Feimster dressed in a brown wig and pearls pretending to be the White House press secretary giving a YouTube makeup tutorial. In the video, which is intended to promote Handler’s weekly Netflix show, Feimster pretends to be a coarse woman who says she often gets mistaken for being a man.

“I used to not know what foundation was,” Feimster says. “But our great president was kind enough to take me to a Sephora. He said to the employee: ‘Hey, you see that fellow over here? Make him a woman. I heard that outside a club once.”

At one point, Feimster mocks Sanders’s eye makeup and says you can apply black eye shadow with a paint roller to complete the look.

Handler received backlash last week over calling Sanders a “whore” and mocking Sanders’ eyelashes and makeup. Netflix has announced it will not renew another season of Handler’s show after the second season concludes.

Hours before tweeting out the video mocking the White House spokeswoman, Handler tweeted at Sanders’s father Mike Huckabee that a feminist is “someone who supports other women.”

The hypocrisy is unreal.

It’s completely reasonable for Handler, an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter and longtime critic of Donald Trump, to criticize the woman who represents the president’s interests to the news media. Being frustrated at Sanders for dodging questions or not providing enough information about issues that Handler cares about are legitimate criticisms. But mocking her eyelashes, the way she wears her makeup, and her Southern accent is petty and embarrassing.

Handler’s actions — angry feminist attacks Republican woman over her lipstick and eyelashes — have become a trope at this point. She’s proving that many high-profile feminists are not above acting like a teenage mean girl whenever another woman disagrees with their point of view, although they spend hours attacking as “sexism” even anodyne comments about women’s appearances. I guess some women are more equal than others to many self-declared feminists like Handler.