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Breaking News Alert J6 Committee Ignores Witness's Ties To Zuckerberg-Funded Group That Manipulated 2020 Election

Podcast: Al Franken, Roy Moore, Tax Reform, And Superhero Movies

Ben Domenech covers this week’s flood of new on the Federalist Radio Hour including the snow ball of sexual assault allegation, the tax bill, and more.


Jeremy Senderowicz is a New York attorney and commentator who joins Ben Domenech on this episode of the Federalist Radio to discuss the number of Democratic Senators calling for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation.

“Is this going to be a tidal wave that ends up sweeping up a lot of people who, while their actions are certainly objectionable or not morally upright, are nonetheless people who didn’t violate the law?” Domenech asks.

Later in the hour they discuss tax reform, the economy, and the mess that both DC and Marvel have made of their superhero universes.

Listen to their full conversation here: