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Faith Goldy On Free Speech, Globalism, The Alt-Right, And Immigration

Political commentator Faith Goldy shares her views on controversial ideas, groups, and politically incorrect opinions.


Faith Goldy is a political commentator who hails from Canada and joins Federalist Radio to discuss threats to free speech, the alt-right, globalism, and immigration.

“After Charlottesville, no one gave a darn what I said. It was the fact that I talked to someone I shouldn’t have. And I stand by the interview that ultimately got me fired because I will talk to anyone,” she said.

Later in the hour, they discuss how the feminist movement and other cultural changes have impacted men, women, and the American family.

“Woman are told that they are oppressed in the homes. That they are victims of the patriarchy and what happens is that they are left perfectly unfulfilled,” Goldy said. “It’s natural and it’s biological to want to have children.”

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