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If You Like Football But Not Its Commentary, Try Game Pass

With all the football brouhaha, how can a viewer return to sports as an escape from politics and come together with others he doesn’t normally agree with? Game Pass.


Kneeling, standing, speaking out, President Trump and SoBs, concussions, terrible injuries, DirectTV offering refunds—there is a ton not to like about the National Football League’s politics. Many suggest those who don’t like it should watch college football instead. The ball is great, but it is very difficult to get past the colleges’ exploitation of their players. Universities need to spin off their sports programs as separate businesses that pay to license the university’s name. Many businesses do this all across the country and it works very well. Then pay the kids to play.

With all the football brouhaha, how can a viewer return to sports as an escape from politics and have some semblance of coming together with others he doesn’t normally agree with? Before this season, which has been when all the politics really took over, I signed up for NFL Game Pass.

The top three problems with the NFL right now are pace of play—sooooo many commercials, replays, challenges, and injuries; politics—“Welcome to another episode of ‘Who is kneeling and who is standing this week’”; and commentators, with the exception of the fresh air that is Tony Romo. Game Pass efficiently overcomes each of these through condensed games.

Game Pass and condensed games knock out the first objection by condensing a full game into 30 to 45 minutes. In those 30 minutes, it is nonstop action: no stoppages for time-outs, commercials, challenges, injuries, or anything else. It also lets viewers see overall game flow, how critical field position is, teams establishing the run, and opening up the field through various trick plays.

Politics, like anything else, can take over your world if you allow it. Sports always felt like the escape, and Game Pass helps keep it there. Replays start with kickoff and end with the final 00:00. No talking or chances before, and nothing afterwards.

Most commentators are terrible, and I watch most games on mute. Condensed games don’t allow the storytellers to take over. There is only time to call out the setup of the play, and it begins.

Sure, this may feel like sticking your head in the sand and avoiding the world. I prefer to think of it as controlling the world around me. There is a lot to not like in this world, and controlling what comes in your home is our only protection. This is also the reason I avoid commercials in general. Pay for the extra on Hulu to be commercial free and your life will get a lot better. You really don’t want or need anything they are advertising.

The football has been fantastic. Week two of the NFL season had multiple games that were decided in the last few minutes or overtime. Thanks to Game Pass I can focus on the game itself and ignore all the rest.