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Ann Coulter And Mark Krikorian On Immigration Policy Under The First Year Of Trump

We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Trump’s actions regarding immigration with Ann Colter and Mark Krikorian on the Federalist Radio Hour.


The Federalist Radio Hour interviews both Mark Krikorian, Executive Director at the Center for Immigration Studies, and author and columnist Ann Coulter on immigration under the Trump administration.

Krikorian and Coulter both express praises and critiques for Trump’s actions or lack thereof on immigration. “One place where I would identify a short coming… is work site enforcement, because the President made a big deal about the wall,” Krikorian said. “Weakening the magnet of jobs that attracts illegal immigrants is the key thing we have to do.”

What will happen to Trump if the wall isn’t built in the next two years? “I can tell you exactly what will happen. Trump will know he is headed for a humiliating defeat,” Coulter said. “If he builds the wall he’s getting re-elected. His base does not care.”

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