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Ross Douthat On The Trends Of The Right, The Left, Media, And Culture

New York Times

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat debates the state of conservatism and the media’s coverage of President Trump.


Ross Douthat, columnist at the New York Times and author, joins Federalist Radio to discuss the state of conservative and liberal politics, the state of the media and national editorial boards, and the state of our country’s culture.

“You have an argument among conservatives that’s largely defined by what you think about Trump himself and his capacities,” Douthat said. “And the battle lines among conservatives are drawn more around if you think Trump can be a good president or not.”

Why are there no pro-Trump columnists at the Washington Post or The New York Times? Should there be? “It’s hard to be a pro-Trump columnist and be a good columnist because the pro-Trump arguments are very weak,” Douthat said.

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