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In Netflix’s ‘The Ranch,’ Ashton Kutcher’s Character Pursues Life For His Unborn Baby


In ‘The Ranch,’ Ashton Kutcher’s character steps up to the plate when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and helps her to chose life. 


In the third season of Netflix’s “The Ranch,” Ashton Kutcher’s character Colt Bennett steps up to the plate when he finds out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and helps her to chose life. After recovering from some initial shell-shock at the news, Colt gives his pregnant ex, Heather, a baby onesie and proposes marriage to her.

“I want you to know this kid will absolutely be my first priority,” he says to her. “You’re going to be a great mom. And I’m going to be a great dad. And the three of us — we’ll make a great family.”

Heather presses Colt on whether he loves her and this is what he really wants.

“It’s not about what I want anymore,” Kutcher’s character responds. “This isn’t about me. It’s about this kid, and we’re going to have to make sacrifices.”

When Heather tells him she’s going to have an abortion, Colt responds: “This is wrong. You can’t just take the easy way out.”

Colt repeatedly assures her that he will put the needs of the child first, and makes it clear he’s willing to sacrifice to ensure the baby will have everything she needs. His support ultimately empowers her to make a decision for life.

In the third episode of the season, we see Heather in the waiting room of an abortion clinic, where she’s waiting to terminate her pregnancy. Colt is by her side.

“I can’t. I can’t do this,” she says. “I thought it’s what I wanted but, now that I’m here and it’s all happening.”

“Do you want to leave?” Colt asks.

“Is that okay with you?” Heather asks.

“It’s always an okay with me,” he responds. “I just want to make sure that’s what you want.”

The two hug and exit the clinic.

“I’m gonna be a dad,” Kutcher says before they exit the clinic.

When a baby’s father is involved, the baby has a much higher chance for survival. And when 23-year-old Heather, whose baby was not conceived in an ideal situation, sees that Kutcher’s character willing to step up for her and their child, it’s what helps her chose life.

In a recent episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Human Coalition CEO and President Brian Fisher explained why getting the fathers involved in their children’s lives is so important. A woman contemplating an abortion will often chose life if the father tells her he will support her decision for life.