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The Federalist Radio Hour Joins The Panoply Podcast Network

We are excited to announce this big step for The Federalist Radio Hour, and proud to be a part of the outstanding line-up at Panoply Media.


The Federalist Radio Hour is excited to announce our partnership with Slate’s award-winning audio network, Panoply Media. As one of the world’s first and most popular podcast networks, Panoply is home to hundreds of the best on-demand audio products on the market, and The Federalist Radio is proud to call Panoply our new home.

Panoply produces high-quality, unique shows and audio products spanning categories from news, sports, lifestyle, business, technology, comedy, and more. The Federalist Radio Hour hopes to add value in our balanced and right-of-center voice to their already diverse collection of products.

This won’t change much for our audience and loyal listeners. Just access to high-quality audio, and hopefully some new and interesting guests on the program. We will make our official debut as part of the Panoply line-up on Wednesday, June 21st.