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Podcast: Weight Loss, Fitness, Drug Use, And More With Mike Riggs

Reporter and nutrition writer, Mike Riggs, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share his transformation story.


Mike Riggs is a reporter at Reason Magazine and writes on nutrition and fitness in his newsletter “Protein Pancakes.” Riggs shares his story of transformation and how he quit smoking, drinking, and lost 90 pounds.

Riggs explains the history of drug-use and testosterone therapy in the different fitness circles and professional sports. “Things changed dramatically in the ’90s when we get an entire field of medicine out of nowhere called testosterone replacement therapy,” he said. “On another track you have testosterone use for performance enhancement and throughout the 2000s these things basically become deeply intertwined.”

Later in the hour, they discuss criminal justice reform and what the government is failing to handle the opioid crisis. “These medicated-assisted treatment… methadone, suboxone…this keeps people alive while they can get help,” he said. “It is not a perfect drug. It is not as good as being un-addicted to opioids, but it works.”

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