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5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Here’s your list. Print it out, circle one, and get the mothers in your life something lovely for Mother’s Day.


Last-minute gift givers, we have your back this Mother’s Day. In case it’s crept up on you, it’s Sunday, May 14.

Most of us have at least a few mothers in our lives, and it’s traditional to try to make this day special for them. Whether you’re searching for that perfect something for your wife to let her know what a great mom she is or a gift for your own mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law, we’ve got a wide range of special things to make the day of any mom in your life, no matter your budget.

1. Send Her a Gift that Keeps On Giving

Remember how exciting magazine subscriptions used to be? The thrill of getting new things over a period of time, instead of a once and done, are what makes these gifts shine. You can send the mothers in your life weekly or monthly flowers, to keep her vase (and her heart!) full. Instead of traditional roses, try something fun like these fun Floral-Fetti ones.

Know a mom more into wine than flowers? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, too. Check out this list of wine subscription services and you’ll find the perfect fit for all the mamas in your life. If picking wine isn’t your strong suit, Winc has a really helpful quick questionnaire to help you select the perfect bottles. For a more general idea, consider a meal delivery service that’ll drop off fresh ingredients and new recipes to try. My best experience with these was HelloFresh, so give them a look.

For an arrangement of blooms that offers something a little different from your garden-variety online retailer, check out BloomThat, Bouqs, UrbanStems, and Farmgirl Flowers.

2. Bring Online Life Home

You and she post cute pictures to Instagram and Facebook, but how often do you actually print them to give to the special people in your life? Go curate some of the best, and print them off and frame them. The mothers in your life will thank you.

This doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Printing options include online services like Shutterfly and Mpix, as well as local options like Walgreens. Have a little larger budget and want to really wow? Consider getting them printed directly to canvas, and you can even ship them directly to the moms in your life. Have a mom who loves coffee? Print photos right onto a special mug for her. If you’re doing that really last-minute, don’t despair, because Walgreens will let you order online and pick up in-store. Be creative, and know that she will thank you for it.

3. Give Her Something That Will Last

Love the beauty of flowers, but hate how fast they fade? Silk flowers are still a thing, and you can hop out to any craft store and either make a bouquet or buy one. Try Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels. If that’s not your speed, consider carved wood flowers, but realize you’ll probably have to order online, so plan for shipping time. These faux flowers are a great choice for homes with allergies, asthma, or mischievous pets that like to destroy real plants.

4. Send Her For a Special Treat

Book a spa day, or get her a gift certificate to get her nails done. Would she enjoy a mani-pedi? What about a massage, or a new gym membership that she’s been eyeing but hasn’t committed to? Think about the things that she enjoys, and tell her that she’s worth it. Pro tip: Groupon offers local deals on spas and more, so check there to see what you can find in your area.

5. Give Her Something Priceless

Do you live far away, and can’t drop everything to visit? Call her on the phone, or Facetime her. Distance not an issue? Spend the day with her, doing the things that she likes to do. Have the kids make her a messy craft, and cut out all the distractions life is so quick to offer and focus on her. Be present, and let her know you love her and think she’s doing a great job being a mother.

Mother’s Day isn’t about perfection. This doesn’t need to become just another excuse to stress over actions instead of people. Take a moment to tell the mothers you know that you love them, that raising kids is hard but worthwhile, that grown children still need their mothers, and have a happy Mother’s Day.