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Radio: Talking South China Sea Tensions And Hollywood’s Chinese Box Office Problem


Alice Ekman is a research fellow at Center for Asian Studies of the French Institute for International Relations. Ekman joins today’s Federalist Radio to discuss the global conflicts surrounding the South China Sea, U.S. relations with China,

Ekman provides a background on how China views their own leadership and some of their regional iniatives. “Overall it’s really interesting to see that China wishes to challenge existing security alliances that exist in the region,” she said.

There has recently been some controversy within the world of Hollywood and China, regarding the Chinese interests in American films. “We should not always see these investments as directly guided by the Communist Party of China,” Ekman said. “You have to also take into account the bureaucratic limitations taking place in China’s domestic policy.”

Later in the hour, Ekman gives her perspective as a native French women on Marine Le Pen and the current election in France.

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