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‘Journalism Dies In Fakeness’: Tucker Carlson Skewers Washington Post’s Bible-Bashing

tucker carlson

‘She’s an expert on fake news because she writes it herself!’ Carlson says of a reporter for The Washington Post.


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson slammed the Washington Post‘s shoddy religious reporting Monday night by saying one of their reporters is an expert in fake news because she writes it.

Carlson began by mocking WaPo’s new, over-the-top slogan, “Democracy dies in darkness.”

“Perhaps no publication in American media wears its moral superiority more proudly than The Washington Post,” Carlson mocked. “They’re so much better than you.”

“Their slogan conveniently implies both that the Post represents the forces of light, and anyone who doesn’t like it is trying to kill America’s free news, and maybe America itself,” he said.”The Post has spent a awful lot of time denouncing points of view it disagrees with as ‘fake news.'”

Carlson then proceeded to talk about a story published The Washington Post by Caitlin Dewey that attacked Rep. Jodey Arrington, with a headline that read: “GOP Lawmaker: The Bible says the unemployed ‘shall not eat.”

“The passage that the congressman quoted (II Thes. 3:10) said that people who are idle who refused to work shall not eat,” he explained. “Arrington quoted it in that context to ask what work requirements would be appropriate for those receiving food stamps. But Dewey and the Post obscured that or ignored it entirely.”

“Despite claiming that Arrington wanted anyone without a job to starve, their article never quoted him at all,” Carlson said. “A full quote would have made it obvious their story was nonsense, which it was. Indeed, Dewey and the Post didn’t even cite the Bible verse properly, despite presenting themselves as experts.”

“As it happens — maybe not surprisingly — last November, Caitlin Dewey herself appeared an a Washington Post video designed to inform the rest of us about fake news and how it tricks all the dumb people, the masses, into clicking on bogus stories and over-the-top headlines,” he said.

“It was a fitting role for her,” Carlson said. “She’s an expert on fake news because she writes it herself!”

The Post has since amended the headline of the article in question and added quotes from the congressman.