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Here’s How To Pronounce Devin Nunes’s Name Correctly

devin nunes

I’ll admit it, all week I’ve been pronouncing ‘Nunes’ the same way Schumer has until today.


Rep. Devin Nunes’s name has been in the news a lot lately after he said last week he had seen documents indicating the intelligence community may have gathered information about Donald Trump’s family and transition team in the months between the election and Inauguration Day, but people keep mispronouncing it on TV.

Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) botch the Republican’s last name while calling for his resignation on the Senate floor.

Here he is butchering it on CNN.

Aaaaaand again on MSNBC.

You can watch Sean Spicer mess it up in a press briefing, by clicking here.

Here’s CNN doing the same thing.

Here’s how you’re actually supposed to pronounce it.

That’s Nunes, as in: New-ness.

I’ll admit it, all week I’ve been pronouncing “Nunes” the same way Schumer has until today. Coming from a Spanish-speaking family, my instinct was to think his name is pronounced as Nuñes (Noon-yez), when it’s not. It’s like the town called Limon in Colorado, which locals pronounce not lim-OWN,  but LIE-mon!

When my dad immigrated to the United States, he changed his name from Jorge to George to make it easier on his new fellow countrymen. I had kinda assumed that was Nunes’s deal — he probably dropped the ñ from his name because teachers couldn’t spell it properly or something. I thought I was respecting his heritage by saying his name extra Spanishy, but it turns out I was just being a dummy like everyone else. Sad!

Once again, here’s the right way to say his name,

Carry on.