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Cancer Patient Targeted By Samantha Bee: ‘Half Apologizing For Offending Someone Is Not Apologizing’

A brain cancer patient attacked by Samantha Bee’s TV show for having “Nazi hair” blasted the comedian for only “half-apologizing” for the slur against him.


A brain cancer patient attacked by comedian Samantha Bee’s late-night TV show for having “Nazi hair” has rejected Bee’s non-apology apology. In a statement issued on Thursday, Kyle Coddington, the man targeted by Bee’s show, scoffed at Bee’s attempt to make the scandal go away.

“Samantha Bee tweeted an apology for ‘offending’ me, but I want to make it clear that half-apologizing for offending someone is not apologizing for making baseless accusations against people because of the way they look,” Coddington wrote.

“This kind of behavior should be rejected by both sides of the aisle,” he added.

A segment on Bee’s show was dedicated to mocking attendees at CPAC, a large annual convention of conservative activists. At one point, the segment’s narrator mocked several men for having “Nazi hair,” then told them to “f*** off.” Coddington, who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer last year, was one of the individuals targeted by Bee’s show.

“The effects of the comments made on Full Frontal go further than my battle with a serious illness,” he wrote. “Everyone in that video was targeted unjustly and profiled without facts or proof of the accusations made.”

Coddington also said that in addition to being a member of the NeverTrump movement in 2016, he is also a registered Democrat.

“These are facts that disprove the narrative trying to be pushed by Samantha Bee’s segment,” he noted.

You can read Coddington’s full statement here.