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How To Use Imagination In Politics, Entertainment, And Playboy

Author Brian Reich joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the parts of American culture that need to harness the power of the human imagination.


Brian Reich is the author of “The Imagination Gap: Stop Thinking the Way You Should and Start Making Extraordinary Things Happen.” Reich joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how the human imagination, or lack thereof, can impact political campaigns, Hollywood, space exploration, and the American institution of “Playboy.”

“Imagination is embracing this idea that there’s a world or there’s an opportunity out there that we didn’t think was possible, that we don’t know how to get to,” Reich said. “And that that’s ok… we shouldn’t be satisfied with just the incremental gains or just the output.”

As part of the team charged with creating a new look and purpose for “Playboy” magazine, Reich shared some of the successes and failures from the roll-out. “They were trying to think beyond tradition magazines and a traditional business model for media,” he said. “I think this is a case study in corporate America paying lip service to the idea of actually using your imagination.”

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