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Breaking News Alert 'Ethnic Studies' Is CRT Peddlers' Sneaky New Way To Stoke Racial Division In Schools

Podcast: CPAC, Oscars, And College Campus Due Process Fails

Journalist and editor at Reason Magazine, Robby Soave, joins Federalist Radio Hour to share his latest reporting on outrageous Title Nine debacles at universities.


Robby Soave, editor at Reason Magazine, joins Ben Domenech to discuss CPAC, the Oscars, and the latest crazy tales of sexual assault accusations on college campuses.

With speakers like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sheriff Clarke at CPAC this year, has the gathering has become more about the spectacle than conservative ideals?  “I’m concerned that the right does not have a very deep bench when it comes to conservative intellectual thinkers who can articulate the case for conservatism,” Soave said.

Domenech and Soave discussed drama from this year’s Academy Awards and the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “I think the [White House Correspondent’s Dinner] disgusts real people who aren’t in the bubble of DC, so I’m not that outraged that Trump is skipping it,” Soave said. “Except that he’s skipping it because he can’t take a joke.”

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