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Austin Amber: A Great Way to Celebrate A Great City

Next time you’re in Texas, grab a bottle or can of Austin Amber from Independence Brewing, take a deep breath, and drink in Austin spirit.


I live in Austin, Texas, undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on the planet. We’re the “Live Music Capital of the World,” birthplace of the breakfast taco, and home to the best barbecue you’ll ever eat. On a typical night in Austin, you can stroll into just about any bar or restaurant and get great live music with your drinks and dinner. It’s a special place that knows how to party, how to play, and how to drink.

That’s right, Austin is also a great drinking town. If you want hard liquor, we’re home to Tito’s Vodka, which I’m sure you’ve had in a Bloody Mary no matter where you live. There’s Deep Eddy Vodka, which comes in lemon, Texas grapefruit, and a sweet tea flavor that will knock your socks off. Also, of course, we brew some great beer.

Texas is a very independent state. We like to remind everyone that we were our own country once. When you have Texas in your blood, it gives you that extra kick of confidence and swagger that you just can’t get anywhere else. Whether it’s “Big D,” Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere in between, the nearly 30 million Texans will tell you that independence runs in our blood.

One of the Austin breweries that embodies that Texas spirit is Independence Brewing Company. Since 2004, they have brewed beer “for independent thinkers and drinkers.” Located in South Austin, Independence Brewery has that funky spirit that embodies Austin. Just look at the design of their beer cans and bottles. Whether it’s the Art Deco homage for Power & Light Pale Ale, the whimsical yet creepy art for White Rabbit, or the big, bold neon sign used on the Austin Amber, Independence has a great sense of style.

Oh, and let’s not forget: Independence makes some damn good beer! Their Convict Hill Stout is a dark, thick, and hearty oatmeal stout that is perfect on a cold day or as the basis for a beer milkshake. (Mmmm… beer milkshake!) Their signature IPA, Stash, is one of those punchy, fun-to-drink beers that’s great for a summer day grilling in the backyard. And their Austin Amber is one of those beers that grabs your attention from the moment you see the label.

In a grocery or liquor store today, hundreds of beers compete for your attention. Funky names, bright colors, and unique labels draw your eye. The label for Austin Amber is perfect at reeling you in. It evokes the bold-lettered, neon-rimmed sign of a classic theater. “AUSTIN” in big crisp letters streams down the bottle, a deep red against a bright white background. As a proud Austinite, seeing your city’s “name in lights” immediately makes you turn your head.

This is a city with the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” That’s admittedly a little harder to do these days, with all the Californians moving here. But in the 20 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen that Austin has a spirit unlike any other. Music, movies, food: all of it is at the heart of our city. Whether we watch a great band at Austin City Limits Music Festival, cheer for the Longhorns with 100,000 other people at DKR, or pack into an Alamo Drafthouse to see the gang from Master Pancake Theater skewer the latest blockbuster, we love to eat and drink in this town—and beer is perhaps our favorite beverage.

The Independence Austin Amber grabs that Texas spirit. It pours a dark copper color, has a thick, foamy head, and is highly carbonated. It tastes almost more like a bock than your typical ale, but it’s refreshing and easy to drink with only 4.9% ABV. This is the beer you want to grab if you’re sitting down to eat some pizza and watch a movie with your buddies. As Independence says, “it’s smooth and laid-back.”

This isn’t the kind of kind beer you drink if you’re looking for a hoppy punch to your taste buds. It’s not the beer you drink if you’re looking for a quick buzz. Austin Amber is the beer you drink when you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Hill Country views that Austin offers.

Next time you’re in Texas, grab a bottle or can of Austin Amber from Independence Brewing, take a deep breath, and drink in that fun and funky Austin spirit. It’s a great way to toast one of the greatest cities on God’s green Earth.