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12 Ways To #CelebrateMen Instead Of Refusing Sex To Protest Trump

Today’s mass protest is supposed to show how much women contribute to society, and how, without their participation in the economy, everything falls apart.


Gender activists are urging women across the nation to protest the election of Donald Trump by refusing to go to work, buy anything for 24 hours, and care for their families. Some, like the ladies of “The View,” say women should “build a wall around their vaginas” and stop having sex with their husbands as punishment for putting Trump in the White House.

Today’s mass protest is supposed to show how much women contribute to society, and how, without their participation in the economy, everything falls apart. The strike is modeled after a nationwide protest in Iceland in 1975 when 95 percent of the women stopped working and caring for their families to push for greater gender equality. While the strike resulted in some reforms, Iceland has maintained a significant pay gap to this day.

Those leading the protests in 20 U.S. cities this week hope to influence the Electoral College against Trump and empower women and “other marginalized groups” in their fight against “toxic masculinity.” They’re angry, some protestors say, and they want the world to know it.

Not all women agree with these sentiments. Many of us voted for Trump for a variety of reasons, celebrate masculinity, and appreciate all that men contribute to our families and society. We see modern feminism as a divisive and corrupting force that actually undermines femininity, champions big government instead of the individual, and sacrifices liberty, civility, and justice on the fantastical altar of “gender equality.”

Therefore, I propose a counter-protest, or to be more exact, a mass celebration, not only of Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton, but of the men in our lives. In honor of those who do so much for us and as a demonstration that we don’t mindlessly stand with feminist malcontents, here are some suggestions for women across the nation. Together, let’s counter anger with appreciation, pride with humility, and hatred with love.

  1. Go shopping and spend lots of money if you have it.
  2. Fix a home-cooked meal for your family.
  3. If you are religious, gather your family together and thank God for one another.
  4. Show up at work. When you get there, go above and beyond.
  5. Send your boss a thank-you note telling him how grateful you are for your job.
  6. Tell your husband, or any man who is significant to you, at least one thing you appreciate about him.
  7. Buy a gift for the special man in your life and surprise him with it.
  8. Call your husband and ask him to do something for himself today—get a beer after work, hang out with friends, go to the shooting range, go to the gym, or just have some quiet time when he gets home.
  9. Hug your children and tell them how special they are.
  10. Throughout the day look for ways you can serve others, not how they can serve you.
  11. Take a picture of you giving a kiss or a hug to your husband, boyfriend, father, or son—any man in your life—and post it on social media declaring to the world how much you appreciate them. Or, if you don’t want to post a picture, write something that shows your appreciation of the men in your life or men in your community. Whatever you do, include the hashtag #CelebrateMen.
  12. Finally, have sex with your husband! Put behind all complaints, power plays, anger, and bitterness, and love him body and soul!