Canadian Song: Hey, United States! We Have Stronger Beer

Canadian Song: Hey, United States! We Have Stronger Beer

A funny song by Canadian artist Tim Hicks is making the rounds on social media and email chains. My grandfather, a fellow beer enthusiast, sent it my way. The song’s main message is: yeah, you might be America, but Canadians have stronger beer. Check out the video below.

If you look at raw numbers for the average alcohol content of beers in each country, it looks like yes, Canada wins by a reindeer’s nose. According to one estimate, “In Canada, the average “normal” beer has just a slightly higher alcohol content than American beer, with a range of 4.0% to 6.1% alcohol by volume (ABV) as compared to America’s 4.1% to 5.9% ABV.” So they barely have an argument to make there.

However, we both get beat in the high-alcohol beer game. Places like Belgium, Germany, and Scotland have beers with a much bigger kick than we two North American continent-dwellers do. Apparently, De Struise Brouwers, Quadrupel, and Imperial Stout in Belgium range from 22 percent to 39 percent ABV. In Germany their Eisbock beer can be more than 60 percent ABV. Scotland has one that’s 67 percent. That packs a punch!

So next time you want a really strong beer, don’t trust those Canadians; head to Europe. Oh, and Canada, we’re still America, savior of the world, economic driver of our shared continent, and the producer of all that entertainment you consume. You’re welcome.

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