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Wall Street, Tax Policy, And Financial Regulations Under Trump

From Dodd-Frank to Fannie Mae, Ben Domenech and Jeremy Senderowicz discuss future financial regulation on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Jeremy Senderowicz, a New York attorney, joins Ben Domenech in studio to discuss what financial regulation, the SEC, and Wall Street will look like under the Trump administration. From Dodd-Frank to Fannie Mae, there are many financial areas that the new administration could have an enormous impact.

Reform conservatives are concerned about Trump’s protectionist policies on trade and his tax policy. “The best case scenario from my standpoint is that he generally follows a more conventional policy and makes individual exceptions for things that he sees on TV,” Senderowicz said.

He also described the relationships between banks and borrowers that we are seeing now compared to 2008. “Even if there is another financial crisis, it’s extremely unlikely to happen in a way similar to what happened in 2008 because people’s memories are still too strong,” he said.

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