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FBI Director: We Still Think Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Indicted For Her Email Server


FBI Director James Comey announced the agency hasn’t changed its position from its July announcement that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t face criminal charges.


FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on Sunday informing them the agency hasn’t changed its position from its July announcement that, despite Hillary Clinton being “extremely careless” with classified information, her use of a private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of State doesn’t warrant criminal charges.

The timing of Comey’s announcement comes less than 48 hours before Election Day, as Clinton’s lead in the presidential race has tightened in poll averages to within the margin of error. Eleven days ago, Comey told Congress the FBI found new e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which spurred them to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server. Weiner is the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who had previously told investigators she had given up all devices that contained copies of Clinton’s emails.

FBI notes reveal the Democratic presidential candidate routinely asked her maid to print documents and e-mails containing classified information. The FBI has reportedly not yet questioned Hillary Clinton’s former maid, yet the FBI director made time to announce that he thinks Hillary’s actions shouldn’t have any legal consequences.

In a statement, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), said even if Clinton isn’t indicted, it’s clear she put classified information at risk.

“Regardless of this decision, the undisputed finding of the FBI’s investigation is that Secretary Clinton put our nation’s secrets at risk and in doing so compromised our national security,” he said. “She simply believes she’s above the law and always plays by her own rules.”

You can read Comey’s letter in full here.