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Scary Show: Obamacare, Horror Movies, And Ghosts Of DC

Mary Katharine Ham hosts the second annual Halloween edition of the Federalist Radio Hour.


On today’s Halloween edition of Federalist Radio, Mary Katharine Ham talks all things spooky: Obamacare, horror movies, and ghosts of Washington D.C. Featuring guests Guy Benson, political editor at Townhall, Alex West, co-host of “The Faculty of Horror” podcast, and Christopher Robin, ghost expert from National Nightmares.

The average baseline premium under Obamacare is going up by double digits, and Ham’s own is increasing by 96 percent. “It’s not affordable, which was the selling point of the whole thing,” Ham said. “I would refer to my monthly payment now as having gone from a decent car payment to a real America mortgage payment.”

From slasher films to the supernatural, Alex West suggests some of the best horror movie classics to watch this year. “I wanted to get to the meat and bones were of these films…what are the themes, why does it matter what we’re scared of?”

Later in the hour, Christopher Robin describes some of the haunts and ghosts he’s been spooked by on Capitol Hill.

Listen here: