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Mary Katharine Ham: The Trump Tapes Were Not Exactly Private

‘It wasn’t like he was chatting with a buddy or in a locker room,’ Ham said on CNN’s ‘The Lead’ with Jake Tapper.


In the 2005 tapes of Donald Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush now making headlines again, he was wearing a microphone and in a professional setting, not a locker room, said Mary Katharine Ham on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

“It actually wasn’t that private…He was mic’ed up in what was for him a professional setting with several people including lighting guys, camera guys, audio guys, who he doesn’t know very well,” said Ham, a senior writer at The Federalist. “It wasn’t like he was chatting with a buddy or in a locker room.”

Ham said the Trump campaign’s attempt to re-up old Bill Clinton sexual assault accusations in response to the recent release of these tapes of him speaks to her “right-winger soul,” but may not make a difference for undecided voters.

“Does it reach out to independent voters and college-educated women? For the most part I don’t think so, because the American people, like it or not, have decided that they like Bill Clinton and that they have forgiven him,” Ham said. Watch the full segment here.