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The Rock’s New Video Stomps All Over Hollywood’s Get-Out-The-Vote Desperation

the rock

The Rock knows how to rock the vote. No pearl-clutching in this video.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is single-handedly making “go out and vote” videos great again.

In the first half of this 94-second video, The Rock explains how quick and easy it is in most states to register to vote. He is later accompanied by some friends who sing while he flexes his biceps.

This is the right way to make one of these videos. It’s not fancy. It’s silly and fun, and looks like The Rock filmed it on an iPhone between takes for his upcoming “Jumanji” film.

Let’s compare this with a video some other celebs made last week, encouraging Americans to go to the polls on Election Day to save everyone from Donald Trump.

Gross. Not only is this video grotesquely partisan, it’s shrill as can be. It employs that tired and annoying, let’s-all-finish-each-other’s-sentences-in-a-supercut thing, while a few actresses pretend to choke up over comments from a “racist abusive coward who can permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

Oh, Hollywood, spare us your tears.

If there’s one thing voters are tired of this year, it’s elitist Hollywood types who like to clutch their pearls in reaction to the last thing that came out of a Republican’s mouth.

The Rock gets it, because he’s a true American hero.