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Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Miss Universe Comments Are Self-Sabotage

Mary Katharine Ham responds to Donald Trump’s post-debate comments: ‘Things like this make me wonder if he actually wants to win.’


Federalist Senior Writer Mary Katharine Ham appeared on “CNN Newsroom” Tuesday morning to comment on the first presidential debate of 2016.

On Monday night Hillary Clinton hit Donald Trump in the debate with a comment about the former Miss Universe contestant he called “Miss Piggy.” The following Tuesday morning on Fox News, Trump brought up the comments again on his own and continued to talk about the woman, saying “She gained a massive amount of weight,” and “We had a real problem with her.”

Ham said Trump is creating self-inflicted wounds. “Sometimes things like this make me wonder if he actually wants to win,” she said. “That is so self-sabotaging to reinforce that message.”

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