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Study: Trump And Hillary Supporters Equally Bad At Grammar, Spelling


Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s supporters are equally bad at grammar, according to a new study that analyzed their comments on Reddit posts.


Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s supporters are equally bad at grammar and spelling, according to a new study.

Over the past month, researchers for Grammarly aggregated all the comments from the top 100 posts in the candidates’ respective Reddit communities and evaluated them to search for errors. Those who posted in r/hillaryclinton made an average of 1.8 mistakes per every 100 words, while those posting in r/The_Donald averaged 2.1 mistakes. Clinton supporters were more likely to make spelling or grammar errors, whereas Trump’s supporters made punctuation mistakes more frequently.

Both candidates’ supporters were likely to make apostrophe errors and often mixed up words like “than” and “then” or “too” and “to.”


Trump supporters used politically incorrect statements 88 percent more often — perhaps because liberals often get to decide what is politically correct — and they used profanity 135 percent more often.

A huge distinction between the two groups was that Trump supporters had their own distinct lingo, using phrases like cuck, shillary, trigglypuff, and MAGA, while Clinton supporters didn’t.

You can read the full study here.