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Stop Pretending Women Automatically Support Hillary


Women, at least in the Democratic Party, have traded one lack of diversity for another.


American women have fought long and hard over the past century and a half to take a stand in the public square. The original suffragists fought for voting rights for all women, as they do have opinions distinct from men and should have a right to voice those opinions in the public square and at the ballot box.

On Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention that thought process was turned on its head. Woman speaker after woman speaker assumed that all American women stand with Hillary Clinton (mostly because of fertility issues), and even offered a “woman card” from NARAL to celebrate this fact—as if being a woman was a primary reason for presidential electability. So women, at least in the Democratic Party, have gone from wanting to have the opportunity to vote their conscience to differentiate themselves from men’s group-think to voting lock-step on progressive ideology, trading one lack of diversity for another.

The new leftist, group-think feminists attack anyone who disagrees with them, using serious subjects like rape to defame their opponents. These same feminists paint conservative women as crazy, stupid, and backward, attacking them and their families personally.

Note to radical feminists: Not all women stand with you. Not all women stand with Hillary. And not all women need a “woman card” to show they are woman enough to make their own decisions. Women do not vote for a candidate based on sex, but on policy and experience. Yes, diversity of opinion on this subject is okay; in fact, it is vital to a flourishing society.

Many Women Disagree with Hillary

A majority of American women disagree with Clinton’s extreme position on abortion. Her position, backed by the abortion lobby and Democratic platform, advocates for abortion on demand at any time—even moments before birth—in any facility conditions, paid for by taxpayer dollars yet unaudited by the government.

There are women who disagree with her foreign policy: giving up on our ambassador and men protecting him in Benghazi matters. It matters a lot. The rise of ISIS and the Iran debacle also matter a lot—especially when Catholic priests are getting their heads cut off during morning Mass in France and terrorist attacks are on the rise. Many women do not trust Clinton as commander-in-chief and do not want to entrust their sons and daughters to her command in battle.

The rise of ISIS and the Iran debacle matter a lot—especially when Catholic priests are getting their heads cut off during morning Mass in France and terrorist attacks are on the rise.

Many women disagree with Clinton’s economic policies. Attacking the rich and leveling the playing field for businesses creates an environment where only certain big banks and big companies can succeed, a disincentive for success. In addition, women who are drowning from college debt have seen no relief from eight years of a Democratic presidency—what makes four more years any different?

A substantial amount of women in this country also do not want government intrusion into education with Common Core, or in early childhood sex education. Many mothers want to be able to choose when and where their children learn about these matters.

In addition, American women still believe in the First Amendment—in religious freedom and freedom of speech. Contrary to progressive belief, conscience rights still matter in twenty-first-century America.

There are also some American women who still believe in the Second Amendment and actually own guns—shocking to most DNC convention-goers.

In short, whether radical feminists like it or not, not all women stand with Hillary; we do not need a Hillary Clinton “woman card” from NARAL to prove our femininity. When sex is all a candidate is running on, that’s a problem. Women deserve better representation than that.